Star Wars Destiny League!!

Star Wars Destiny League

$30 Entry Week 1 then 2 Pack Purchase Each Week

Thursdays Feb 22nd thru Apr 12th

We will only count 6 of the 8 weeks points

(so if you miss a week or 2 you aren’t penalized)

7 pm Start Time Each Week

You will need a Rivals Draft set to start


3 Rounds Each Week

2 Points for a Win +1 Point for Attendance


Additional Achievement Points:

  • Han Shot First—1st Player each Round to Kill a Character
  • You’ve Been Greedo’d—Kill a Character in the 1st Round
  • Tell Jabba I’ve Got His Money—Have 9 or More Resources
  • These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For—Roll 3 Blanks on 1 Roll
  • Do or Do Not. There is no Try—Claim the Battlefield Every Round
  • All to Easy—Win with All Your Heroes still Alive
  • I Have a Bad Feeling About This—Kill 2 Characters in 1 Round
  • Everything is Proceeding as I have Foreseen—Don’t Discard to Reroll 1 Game
  • Don’t Get Cocky—Discard to Reroll a Damage die and get more Damage
  • I am No Jedi—Win by Milling Your Opponent