Song of Ice and Fire Regional Tournament

It is time to call the banners and summon the lords & ladies of Westeros to gather for a grand tournament that will determine which commanders receive a coveted invitation to the 2022 SOIAF National Championship invite only event that will be held at Gen Con Indy 2022 in early August in Indianapolis, Indiana.
This event will be limited to 24 people (12 tables) and will be a one day event held at OutPost 2000 in Blaine, MN on Saturday April 30th with a gathering time of 10:30 am and 11:00 am Round One start time.
This will be a three round event using the Swiss Pairings system. It is a 40 pt army construction size played on 4′ x 4′ play area. Bring two 40 pt lists of your chosen faction – you can switch lists between game rounds to make sure you are addressing the game mode and opposing faction you will face each round. Game times will be 90 minutes with a 15 minute overtime. We will allow a 15 minute pre-game set up, introduction and list choosing for each game round as well. We will be using the 2021/2022 card updates/points for all factions. We will also utilize the SOIAF tournament scoring protocols for determining match pairings between rounds and determining final rankings at the end of the tournament.
Game Modes (40 pts each):
Round One: A Feast for Crows
Round Two: Fire & Blood
Round Three: Game of Thrones
Entry Fee will be $20 with generous prize support from OutPost 2000, CMON, and Dark Sword Miniatures. Every participant will get at least one prize/special promo item/s for playing. Dark Sword Miniatures will sponsor a late lunch/early dinner with vast amounts of pizza being delivered in for arrival after the second game round. Snacks and drinks are also onsite and there is a Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble next store.
I will be in touch with folks to lock spaces in during the weeks leading up to this event and once this is pre-booked/full, we will note it here to avoid anyone showing up and not being able to enter on the day of the event.